Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ski Season Arrives!

Having a 5th grader rocks in so many ways - he's big enough to play strategy games, tell jokes that are actually funny, cover real miles on his bike, be helpful around the house (at his own whim, of course), and deeply care for others.

But the best part of having a 5th grader?  The Ski Utah 5th Grade Passport!  4 free days at every Utah ski resort for $30.  Yeah, amazing.  Of course, everybody else still has to pay... but let's not diminish the joy of the savings by considering what it actually would cost for even 1 adult to accompany Ben 4 times to each Utah ski resort.

We finally have enough snow on the mountains to begin the Morningstar ski season and Ben is off to a fine start!  We spent a full day on the fluff, didn't get too many early-season base scratches, stayed warm, and had a simply fantastic kick-off to the 13-14 season. 

And I even tried out my new-to-me alpine skis for part of the day.  The transition wasn't too difficult, but it does lack some of the elegance (and leg-burning) of telemark.  It was fun to switch up styles for a few hours and I do have to admit that it felt great to go fast on the groom.

I'm pretty sure most of the credit for Ben's awesome style goes to his new coat - isn't that just the coolest coat you've ever seen?!?

We just may take on the challenge of visiting every Utah ski resort this year.  I think we're up for it :)

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