Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ah, Solitude Yurt Day. You are one of my very favorite days of the year, combining so many wonderful things: snow, hand-crafted food, Mongolian yurts, good friends, and inebriated nighttime skiing. Perfection!

This year we started out our yurt-tastic day early with an afternoon skiing at Solitude.  I'm proud to say that we shut down the slope!  Of course, we didn't start until one... but, still, we made it on the slopes until four!

Remember those days when you used to ski open to close?  Man, what happened?  Oh, yeah, kids, 20 years, and 10,000 extra vertical feet.

And then it was yurt time!  We met up with our whole small group from church (or Bible study/family group) and enjoyed a fabulous evening together.  The menu was, as always, wonderful (the blueberry bread pudding with butterscotch pudding on top surprised me by being my favorite selection of the evening... but now that I see that sentence written in black and white, it doesn't seem that shocking that such a thing was my favorite item on the menu), the company delightful, the stars brilliant, the skiing hilarious.

Ready for a heck of a date night!
Chef Joe even treated us to a fire show - now that was an exciting end to the evening's festivities!
As always, the Solitude Yurt delivered.  Being there with 8 wonderful friends didn't hurt, either :)

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