Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last weekend was the start of the Sundance Film Festival and we partied like non-locals all weekend!  We were lucky enough to get a really good locals package purchase time this year and got a super-fun package with a great ticket selection time.

So we studied the catalog, we watched the buzz, and we managed to luck out and see four really good shows this year.  And the directors and cast even showed for 3 of the 4 - a personal best!

If you're looking for some culture, we can definitely recommend the following:

20 Feet From Stardom
This documentary about backup singers was our first screening of the year and was fabulous.  It was one of those magical movies that showed you a previously untold story and fascinating story.  And meeting one of the singers in person and watching a giddy director still on cloud 9 from striking a distribution deal within the last 12 hours definitely enhanced the screening experience :)

Sound City
This documentary about the analog recording studio Sound City was pretty good, but seeing the charming and articulate (and easy on the eyes) Dave Grohl (Nirvanna, Foo Fighters) answer questions and share his enthusiasm for analog recording in-person was definitely a highlight of our Festival weekend.

Leave it to Sundance to ruin something else... we can't buy vinyl fencing (thanks, Blue Vinyl) and now Sea World is off the list, too.  Apparently keeping wildly social, intelligent killer whales in a teeny tiny tank is both immoral and dangerous.  Who knew?

Don Jon's Addiction
Admittedly, had I known ahead of time that this was a movie about a guy with a porn addiction, I might have passed on this screening, but it ended up being a pretty charmingly-told movie with a relevant social message that never felt preachy.  Directed by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (in a performance that rivaled his brilliance in Third Rock from the Sun :) with Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and Tony Danza, we were a little disappointed that none of the cast came to our screening, but it was a great evening nonetheless.

I think our 2013 Sundance Film Festival experience was our best ever!  Great movies, fun Q&A sessions with the directors and cast, and delightful friends to share the experience, I think that we're finally learning to do Sundance right!

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