Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Redecorated Bedroom

After 6 years in our house, our redecorating activities have finally made it to our bedroom! It was quite the project, but when Spike and Sharon announced that they were coming out for a visit and intended to paint, we knew it was time to get ourselves in gear and figure out what we wanted to do with our bedroom!

It took weeks of paging through catalogs, scouring websites, and dozens of consults with friends (ok, that may be a little exaggeration, but it's a very good thing that we have such wonderful friends because lesser women would have thrown me out of the circle after I passed around the 5th set of paint chips) but in the end we have come up with a warm and spicy (that was the look I was going for) bedroom that's not too girly (that's the look Steve was going for) and I love it!

There's still a little more work to do... the books are still all over Ben's floor instead of on their new bookshelf, we need to repaint my night stand, and Steve desperately needs a new bureau, but the hard part is done and it's simply fabulous!

In the spirit of all good home decorating shows, here's the reveal:

Boring old bedroom

Gramma and Poppop come and paint the ceiling, walls, and trim

Steve and Jamie apply the final coat under the chair rail - a crackle coat!

Here's the crackle up close

Steve assembles some new furniture (we have lots of books)

Jamie assembles and arranges decor

Tah dah!

It's like a whole new room!


Breezy said...

Wow! It looks great, have you been watching a lot of TLC shows?? :) Love it!

Taylor Family Fun said...

Looks awesome!! I love your bedding.

Kim said...

That is awesome! It looks as though it were done by the teams from one of the design shows. Great job!

Jstar said...

Aw, shucks - glad y'all like it. The bedding is from Anthropologie - Kristen introduced me to their home decor and it's really dang cool stuff


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