Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sundance 2008

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival is now officially over, and I have to say that we had a very enjoyable fest this year. We gave up going to Park City a few years ago and normally just attend screenings at the Sundance Resort (so much more convenient!) after getting tickets in early January at the locals-only individual ticket sale. This year we got a total of 20 tickets for 5 screenings and managed to make 4 of the 5, which I believe is a personal best (I sent work guys to the one we couldn't make, so the tickets still didn't go to waste). And getting 4 tickets to each screening is really fun because we get to bring another couple with us to each show.

This year we saw:
- puujee (Have to admit that this was the first Mongolian/Japanese documentary that we've ever seen and we really liked it... although I am a sucker for anything about central-Asian little girls right now)
- Love Comes Lately (German but filmed in English. This was the weakest of the bunch that saw, but still worth the ticket price, especially with good company and when preceded by drinks at The Owl)
- Transsiberian (Spanish but filmed in English - whatever you do, don't cross the Russian mafia! Very suspenseful, and the most mainstreamy feeling film I think we've ever seen at Sundance. Woody Harrelson was fantastic)
- Just Another Love Story (Danish film noir - intense and very well told story)

The only disappointing part of this year's Fest is that only one of our screenings had a Q&A session with the crew. Oh well, there's always next year!

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