Friday, January 25, 2008

A SportsCenter Tour

I just came back from a great visit with ESPN ( was my first big project with Move Networks this fall and we were doing some more research at ESPN headquarters in Connecticut) and thought that all of you sports buffs would enjoy a shot of me on the SportsCenter set! Yes, I did my best not to display the full depth of my sportsy ignorance in front of the ESPN guys :)


Jason Russell said...

Wow. Wow. Wow....that is pretty darn cool. I want your job :)

Mary Kay said...

We work with the coolest companies! Move Networks is the hottest tech company around.
Were you guys actually working or just having fun at the SportsCenter? :)

Jstar said...

So true, Mary Kay! And, yes, we did do quite a bit of work and research on our trip, this just happens to capture one of our less-busy moments :)


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