Saturday, March 25, 2017

WanYing's Brian Head Race

by WanYing

I was racing at Brian Head for two days and I did slalom and GS. GS is big turns, slalom is little turns.

I am in Sundance ski team and ski team chose to come to Brian Head to race. I've been in ski team for two years. Ski team learns how to be really fast at slalom and GS.

We learn how to edge very well and we do a lot of black diamonds. Black diamonds are pretty steep but there's double black diamonds that are even harder. We do Marmot Gultch, which is a double black.

Something I like about ski team is I get to go skiing every week.

My sister is racing, too. She's on ski team, too.

I am the one above this picture. My sister is the picture I'm writing beside.

This is Saturday and one day we are doing GS and one day we are doing slalom and today we are doing GS.

This is after the race and we are waiting to see my sister going down the hill and I was racing my brother and I won because he crashed into my other brother. I have two brothers. They were on ski team before me, then I decided to go to ski team when I was old enough.

When they crashed both of their skis popped off and their poles went flying.

This is me, my mom and dad, and my sister on the hill. We were going down really fast and it was also a jump.

This is the tubing place that we went to and this is the tubing area. We went tubing for 90 minutes and we went really fast and those tubes with the red nets on it you couldn't hit hard or else you would not be able to tube.

My brother is standing on a magic carpet and when they got to the top he would have to jump off and he would wait for us and we would go down at the same time and race each other down the hill.

This is me and I was tubing down the hill with my family.

On day 2 of racing I was racing slalom and I got 8th place and it was the final YSL Race. YSL Race is Youth Ski League. And I got a medal for it.

Here's a video of my run:

This was my sister and she was racing, too. And she's on slalom, too.

This is my sister, too. She was going off the jump that I was talking about earlier and we went really fast down the jump.

This is me with my medal - my 8th place medal. I felt great about my medal and we waited there for just the medal. We waited like a hour to get it. And it was really worth it!

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