Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ski Team Race Blog

by Sasha

This is the sundance race blog. to be on the ski  it means that you race, have fun and try your best. ski team usually does races. Ive been on the ski team for three years and wanyings been on  it for two years.

some of the stuff we focus on is early turns, pole planting and edges. we also liked to drills to help us with these skills. like we practice in race courses to help us and we try to go as fast as we can cause at the races the time how fast we go and we do races at different resorts.

this picture is wanying racing
the gates shes putting
pressure on her ankle
 and pole planting and
is turning early and wanyings
time was 45.65

This picture is me on the
race course with me making
early turns pole planting
 switching edges fast and
my time was 40.92

This picture is me andwanying taking are sister
picture after are race
we stood in front of the
Sundance Ski Team 

this picture is me doing my pictureafter the race in my race suit i got
my race suit on my 8th birthday

this picture is me getting my medal i got 6th place and the
girl next to me by the
podium got fifth place
this picture is my mom taking
a picture of me with my medal
after we stood and was getting
are medals

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