Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fall Break at Goblin Valley

A few weeks ago we spent a completely perfect Fall Break weekend in Goblin Valley. Seriously, everything was fantastic - we got a great campsite in our favorite area of the BLM land outside of the park, the weather was cool at night and warm during the day, we had zero van issues (miracle) and we got to meet up with old friends who moved away from Utah a few years ago (read: our kids had more kids to go romp with - a win all around!).

It was really, really hard to pull just a few photos from the weekend to share with you, but I'll try to be brief. Credit to Sarah on most of these.

Rainy looking great in her campsite
The best part about camping at Goblin Valley is that there's unlimited climbing starting about 20 feet from the van!
The dogs get to know their temporary desert home.
The children roam freely
We plan outings (Jamie plans, others mock)
We marvel at God's creation

Of course, we had to hit Goblin Valley State Park, where we rather miraculously located the Shaffers.

We explored several new-to-us canyons this trip, which was a ton of fun. It meant more driving with our "lap dogs" but it was well worth it and we discovered several hikes we'd love to do again. First was Big Wild Horse Canyon.

Again, Rainy was magnificent
To boldly go where no Volkswagen has gone before...
Big Wild Horse Canyon is... well... a lot bigger than Little Wild Horse Canyon
Really big.
Ben discovered his own mini-arch!
WanYing discovered a much bigger one!

Next was can't-miss Little Wild Horse Canyon. It was super-impressive as always, but I'm sure glad we did it first thing in the day because by the time we were exiting the canyon hordes of fall breakers were descending.

We also explored Crack Canyon, which ended up being an amazing off-the-beaten-path jewel.

There was ample climbing to be enjoyed as well as several slot canyons.
Our Fall Break trip was perfect - lots of dirt, lots of romping, lots of climbing, and lots of time with good friends. Now to plan the next adventure!

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