Saturday, July 9, 2016

ChenXing at Four Months

This week ChenXing turns four months old! She's still adorable although is definitely hitting a chewy and sassy age. Chewing up the dog training book can't be a good sign...

Here are a few pics of our baby growing up!

The puppies wait patiently for their chew treats

ChenXing has been doing well at work. The normal schedule has be bringing ChenXing to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Chorney taking up Tuesday and Thursday.

ChenXing loves playing with the other dogs at work, enjoys the garden and stream, and spends the rest of her time napping. And by napping I mean sliding off of her pillow under the wheels of my desk chair so that I'm sure to roll over a paw, ear, or tail every time I move.

Hanging out at the office - 14 weeks
Enjoying the Qualtrics gardens - 15 weeks
Chorney likes the gardens, too!
ChenXing has gotten bolder in the water over the weeks and enjoys a daily wade

ChenXing hasn't learned to ride alongside the bike yet like Chorney, so she's relegated to a crate bungeed to the Xtracycle. The crate is too small for her to lie down comfortably in, but that's fine since she prefers to sit up with her face in the wind as we ride.

She'll outgrow the crate soon, so we started working on running alongside the bike this week. So far, it's terrifying. Training her to cycle commute is definitely going to take some time. Good think dogs and bikes are two of my favorite things!

Bike commuting selfie!

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