Saturday, June 11, 2016

Little Red

by Sasha

Little Red is a bike ride. You can ride 20 miles, 50 miles, or 70 or 100 miles. We did the 70 mile on the tandem. We've been training for five weeks. The most we've done before we started riding it was 53 miles.

When the day came we got ready, went camping, and we had 4 other friends ride on the bike ride. Their names were Jess, Karla, Hope, and Marcia. We had fun riding with our friends.

It was hard but we trained very good for it and it was fun riding with our friends.  When we were riding the 70 mile, people said that was cute and their day was cheered up.

Our family and Zach's family cheered for us while we were riding. After we finished our goal we got ice cream and a bracelet that said "Little Red" on it.

This is us at the starting line. We were about to go on the 70 mile.
This is Grammy, Jess, and us and Mom was taking the picture. This is about mile 40 and my mom wanted to take a picture of us.
This is me waving at Zach's family and our family. My dad was taking pictures of us. This was about mile 60.
This was when we finished our goal we did a big cheer picture and we got a bracelet after it and that's the tandem.

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Gregory Chapman said...

Sounds like a perfect day, Sasha! :-)


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