Saturday, May 7, 2016

Puppy's First Week

ChenXing's first week as a Morningstar has been an overwhelming success!

Chorney and ChenXing are getting along super well, the kids have all pitched in on puppy care (albeit in their own unique ways), we've only had a handful of potty accidents, she's figured out how to climb up and down the stairs, and we're (almost) sleeping through the night!

Sure, we've had some sleepless nights as the puppy gets used to her crate. Steve's been a total champ with the midnight potty breaks and ChenXing now gets up only once at night if at all.

And Chorney's done a marvelous job correcting ChenXing when needed, teaching her valuable life lessons such as, "No, my tail is not an acceptable chew toy." Chorney is such a trooper.

If ChenXing grows up to be half the dog Chorney is, we'll have done very well.

It's been fun to see ChenXing's personality come through even in just our first week together. As she's gotten older and more comfortable with us she's gotten much more fun - playing, running, and chewing more. More fun and more challenging... isn't that the way of all children growing up?

Laps are the favorite napping spot.
The pup and the dog regard each other.
I love this pic - I'm working with ChenXing on coming and Chorney just can't resist showing off that she's already perfected this trick.
Like I said, the kids all help in their own unique ways. Here Sam "plays" with ChenXing by getting her to chase his remote-control Sphero Ball.
We spent a few hours getting used to the office and hopefully ChenXing is an excellent office dog soon.
ChenXing supervises as Sasha reads her dog training book.
Everybody gets into a game of Chasing Chorney - it's good for wearing out all the puppies!
We're so grateful that our first week was such a good one!

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