Monday, March 21, 2016

Frozen on Ice

By WanYing and Sasha

We went to Frozen on Ice and we were on the first row, so close to the ice! We got pictures right in the front of the row.

My mom let us each have $20 to spend. We spended them on cotton candy, snow cone, Dippin' Dots, and a toy Sven. That's what we buyed with our $20.

This a picture where we're really close to the ice. The ice had a big huge like it was shaped as a snowflake on the ice and they made little sparks of soap came like down and it was pretending to be like snow.

This is the picture of all the characters, including Minnie, Mickey, and Donald. Minnie loves love stories and the Frozen story is a love story about two sisters. And Elsa at the end of the movie she figures out how to take away winter.

They were skating with a reindeer costume on. There had to be two people in them and there are little eye holes so they can see out of those but it's hard to see out of. And there were platforms there and they standed on that. It was really cool. They had to train a lot, I bet.

This is the part where they're going up the mountain and they're getting attacked by wolves and Anna throws his sleeping bag at the wolf and they jump off a cliff and the wolves stay there. And they're trying to get to Elsa's castle but they don't know where it is so Anna could fix everything up because Anna thought it was her fault to push Elsa too far and she took her glove and she waved "stop!" and some ice came and it turned black and they propped ice up.

There was blank spots when it was really dark so then they could move the props.

This is a picture where Olaf is singing In Summer. He singed about what he would be. In the middle of the song there's a part where he goes right to a puddle, "In the summer I'm gonna be a happy... snowman" but he's actually going to be a puddle.

This is the picture we're taking with Grammy and we're right in front of the ice again. Mom was sitting in the seats so she could take the picture.

We had a great time at Frozen on Ice and after we left we had lots of fun talking about it.

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