Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Birthday x 2

April 12th is a very important day in Morningstarland - it's both Sasha and Grammy's birthday! Double the fun, double the celebration, and double the smiles.

The day started in the right and proper birthday way - donuts, chocolate milk, presents.

Ben was so, so excited to give Sasha the birthday present he chose for her: 1 pound of Lucky Charms marshmallows. Ah, Amazon, is there anything you can't provide us?

You may be wondering, what does one do with a pound of sweet chunks of Styrofoam? I suggested maybe we could make Rice Krispie treats and mix them in. Grammy thought they could add them to Cheerios to make DIY Lucky Charms. But so far the kids are just eating them by the handful. Ugh.

Among Sasha's other gifts was her annual Kazakhstan gift - this year an embroidered camel. When we were in Kazakstan on Sasha's epic adoption journey, we purchased enough gifts give her a special Kaz present every year. It's such a fun tradition to celebrate Sasha's birth land on her birth day!

The big gift was a Nintendo 3DS - woah! We figured that a big, bad 8-year-old was (hopefully!) ready for the responsibility of her own game system and the gift was a huge hit. She got accessories and games from Buddy and Grammy, including a carrying case, so this girl is ready to go!

The kids spent a fun morning playing their networked games and teaching Sasha the ins and outs of Luigi Land, etc. The girl has a long way to go to catch up to her brothers in the video game department, but with her determination and moxie she'll probably eclipse them in no time. At least she'll always be able to beat them in Nintendogs.

Happy happy 8th and 68th birthday to two fun, beautiful, full-of-life gals!

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