Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014

We survived Film Fest 14!  This year's film fest was an entirely different experience for us as we experienced it from the inside as volunteers.  Or, rather, as volunteer and volunteer widow.

This fall Steve had the epiphany that his experience in the Sundance Resort IT department might be very helpful to the Festival IT crew. Judging from the big smiles and warm hellos from fellow volunteers that greeted us everywhere we went, I think that Steve was quite the IT hero.

I won't lie to you, having Steve work 7 days a week between the resort and his work in Park City was crazy and stressful.  But Steve had a great time, made good connections, and got to make a Utah cultural event happen.  So, yeah, it was worth it.

And, of course, we still made time to hang out with friends and catch some flicks.  This year we saw 1 documentary, 2 US dramas, and 1 foreign drama; a nice mix.  Here's the roster: Alive Inside, Frank, The Lock Charmer, Hits. David Cross, giant false-head wearing rock band singers, clairvoyant Argentine locksmith, and dementia patients - we got it all!

And, of course, we looked good doing it :)

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