Saturday, May 18, 2013

Days Like These

It's kind of hard to decide on the single best part of a day like today...
  • Girly shrieks of surprise and terror from both me and Steve to find a bird in our basement.  It was bad enough when we thought it was dead, but then when Steve picked it up and it started squawking and flapping, well, you can imagine our reaction (I ran and slammed the door behind me, Steve just screamed and dropped it)!  Thanks, Mandy, that present sure added some excitement to the day
  • Sasha and WanYing's delight in pulling out the next round of hand me downs from our fabulous friends (it's all new to them!)
  • Sasha and WanYing determining that they had to wear their fluffiest new dresses  today - to plant blue potatoes in the garden
  • Enjoying my beautiful yard that Steve has worked so hard on
  • Steve wearing his Telestial Seasonings shirt and picking up a Starbucks while helping the Elders (the men of our neighborhood Mormon church) pick up yard waste
  • Playing Dominion with Ben in the evening while Sam read Lord of the Rings (Two Towers) and regales us with observations like, "Thrice 12 hours?!?  Really, people, just say 36."
Start to finish, today was just a delight.  You have to love Saturdays at home with our never-boring crew!

1 comment:

MissM said...

For some reason I love this entry. Maybe it's because I can totally picture all of those things happening and it makes me feel like I'm visiting. I miss you guys!


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