Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Years a Morningstar

It's mindblowing to think about the changes we've seen in our little one in the two years we've known each other.  WanYing has now been a Morningstar for half of her life!  And although we still see some negative vestiges of that early life, more and more we see a vibrant, tenacious, silly, tender, simply beautiful young lady shining through.

This year we celebrated Gotcha Day with a mac & cheese dinner outside on the patio (guess who chose the menu!) followed with the traditional Pi Day pie - because you can't have your Gotcha Day on 3.14 and not have pie for dessert!

WanYing now
Our first Gotcha Day - 3/14/2011.  Her love for zebra print has not faded!
WanYing and Mommy then
WanYing and Mommy now - our smiles and love just keep growing!
Happy Gotcha Day, YingYing - we are so proud and blessed to call you ours!

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